The College of Arts & Sciences offers numerous undergraduate research opportunities. Talk to an advisor for help identifying the best opportunity for you.

Research Programs

There are a number of undergraduate research programs on campus, including several within the College of Arts & Sciences.

student assembling computer components


The most common way for students to start their undergraduate research is through a course with substantial research requirements. Research is part of the content of many courses offered in the different A&S majors.

Independent Study

Students may also register for an independent study course in a particular discipline and do research with the faculty member responsible for that course. This is the best vehicle for a student who shares a research interest with a faculty member and finds they would enjoy working together on the topic.

Departmental Honors Programs

Several A&S majors offer honors programs for students pursuing that major. These honors programs are available to students whether or not they are members of the University-wide Honors College. Almost all of the departmental honors programs have a research and thesis requirement.

Research Contracts

Faculty whose research is funded by grants from external agencies often involve students in their research and are able to pay the students stipends.

Summer Programs

Special summer programs are a great way to become involved in research.

Student Employment

Students who qualify for the University’s work-study program may apply for an undergraduate research assistant position through Student Financial Aid.

Opportunities Outside of Arts & Sciences

Students may also look for research opportunities outside the College. For example, a pre-medical student may wish to assist in the research that is being conducted by a faculty member in the College of Community Health Sciences.