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Federal Work-Study to Research Collaborations

The Coordinator of Undergraduate Research Initiatives for A&S has developed a new collaboration with the UA Office of Financial Aid to assist faculty with using the Federal Work-Study Program to hire undergraduate research assistants.

Why recruit a student researcher from the Federal Work-Study Program?

  • It presents students with the opportunity to use their Work Study to gain experience in their chosen fields/majors and to network with professors in their major.
  • The student researcher is compensated for their efforts by the Federal Work-Study Program. Since the costs of student participation are covered, this can help faculty working on a tight budget, while also helping them recruit students with financial needs.

The Work-Study to Researcher Collaboration is a win-win for all!

The Federal Work-Study to Researcher Collaboration will begin in Spring 2020. Please aim to submit your vacancy for the Spring 2020 semester by November 4th, 2019. You can submit your vacancy and find resources for composing a vacancy on the APPLY page.

Grant Proposals

Are you working on a grant proposal and would like assistance from the Coordinator of Undergraduate Research for the College to help bolster your student recruiting efforts?

Send the following to Lisa Davis, lisa.davis@ua.edu:

  • Project summary (1-2pages) or other short synopsis, that includes the principal investigator’s name and affiliation and the project title
  • Broader impacts statement or other brief summary of outreach initiatives pertaining to undergraduates

Learning in Action Fellowship

Mentor Students Through Experiential Learning Opportunity Courses: Become a Learning in Action Fellow

Faculty and Undergraduate Student Research Database

Submit an Undergraduate Research Opportunity to the UA Office for Undergraduate Research’s Faculty and Undergraduate Student Research Database