Each undergraduate research assistant will work with a faculty member who is conducting research.  There will be specific requirements that a student applying for a particular position may be required to have.  The items listed below under Duties and Skills are generic and apply to any position.  Efforts will be necessary to match student qualifications in terms of coursework and academic interests with the particular project of a faculty member.

It should be clear that the expectation is that undergraduate research assistants funded through Work Study will be engaged in substantive work that enhances their educational experience.  In addition to the duties and skills, there will be learning objectives for each position.

Assist faculty in research by doing work that includes the following:

  1.  Bibliographical research and literature review
  2. Data collection and organization
  3. Interpretation of information relevant to the research project
  4. Development of conclusions
  5. Presentation of research findings


Necessary Skills:

  1.  Strong verbal and written communication skills
  2. Familiarity with the discipline in which the faculty member is working
  3. Familiarity with relevant computer programs.  This may vary from word processing to Excel and presentation software
  4. Ability to adhere to deadlines
  5. Strong problem solving skills


Minimum Qualifications:


  1.  Satisfactory Academic Performance
  2. Sophomore standing or higher  preferred
  3. Exposure to topics and concerns in undergraduate research