Research Opportunity: Human Behavior Before, During, and After Severe Weather Events

Dr. Laura Myers from the University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety is conducting a study titled “Human Behavior Before, During, and After Severe Weather Events: In-Situ Observations in the U.S. Southeast.” This study is a part of the NOAA sponsored Vortex SE 2019 research initiative on tornadoes in the Southeast U.S. The goal of this study is to gain a more in depth understanding of vulnerabilities faced by communities when taking action during severe weather events.

The research team is seeking to hire motivated upper-level undergraduate and graduate students to participate in this research during the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. Students who are hired will be trained on research methods, severe weather awareness and safety, and how to conduct interviews during a workshop series during the Fall 2019 semester. Field observations will begin during the Spring 2020 semester.

Students will gain unique research experience, develop a strong understanding of social scientific research, and gain insight and understanding about severe weather and the weather warning process.

Students seeking more information about the project or who wish to apply are encouraged to contact Dr. Laura Myers at laura.myers@ua.edu or by phone at 205-348-5714.